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Guitar tablatures for Old Joe Clark


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #up-tempo, #bluesy, #old time, #fiddle tune

Old Joe Clark is an old-time American folk tune arranged for flatpicking guitar. It features multiple arranged and variations, making it great vehicle for flatpickers looking to hone their technique.

If you are a Beginner, start with the Bluegrass version at the easiest level. It will require only down strokes. At the hardest level this tune will be a fully fledged fiddle tune that's fit for any jam or stage. There is a vast amount of licks for you to explore. Add one or two to learn some new techniques, or create completely new versions of this tune! If you are ok with doing a bit of alternate picking, the Low Octave will also be great for you to explore. At the easiest level it requires just a little bit of alternate picking, at the hardest level it's a fully fledged fiddle tune for the experienced flat-picker.

If you are an experienced picker, check out the No Capo, or the No Capo - Low Octave arrangements. Playing a tune that's traditionally played without a capo opens up the possibility for a whole new world of sounds. Check the tab descriptions for these tunes and the others for even more picking and practice advice.

  • Guitar Old Joe Clark Bluegrass


    This is a simple arrangement of Old Joe Clark. If you are a beginner, make it even more simple by using the Difficulty slider and setting it to easy. This will require only downstro...

    Guitar Old Joe Clark Bluegrass
  • Guitar Old Joe Clark Low Octave

    Low Octave

    Learning a familiar fiddle tune in a different octave, key, or position, is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the tune and fretboard layout. Playing Old Joe Clark in the...

    Guitar Old Joe Clark Low Octave
  • Guitar Old Joe Clark No Capo

    No Capo

    Playing this familiar tune without a capo is a rewarding challenge. It will open new things for both rhythm and lead. Most of this tune should be played in second position. That mea...

    Guitar Old Joe Clark No Capo
  • Guitar Old Joe Clark No Capo - Low Octave

    No Capo - Low Octave

    Old Joe sounds great without a capo in the lower octave. We really get to use the full force of those low bass strings. Remember to pick a bit closer to the bridge to get the notes...

    Guitar Old Joe Clark No Capo - Low Octave