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Guitar tablatures for Sailor's Hornpipe


Recomended level: Expert

Tags: #fiddle tune, #medium-tempo, #instrumental

The Sailor's Hornpipe is a popular folk song and tune for flatpicking guitar. It is an upbeat piece with plenty of fast finger-picking, simple but intricate chords, and plenty of chromatic runs and slurs. It is an excellent piece to show off your guitar-playing skills, and is sure to become a staple of your repertoire.

  • Guitar Sailor's Hornpipe Jam


    This solo for Sailor's Hornpipe features more of the chromatic notes that you may be familiar with in this melody. Pay attention to the up and down strokes for this song as there is ...

    Guitar Sailor's Hornpipe Jam
  • Guitar Sailor's Hornpipe Bluegrass


    Watch out for the 6th measure of this arrangement for Sailor's Hornpipe. It's got some fancy crosspicking that'll give you a run for your money!

    Guitar Sailor's Hornpipe Bluegrass