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You Are My Sunshine guitar tabs

  • Tablatures



    You Are My Sunshine is one of the most famous melodies and a great song to jam on! This is nothing but the melody. Learn it and play it loud!

  • Intermediate


    This version of You Are My Sunshine continues to bring out the melody first and foremost but you’ll find that it also starts to introduce some fancy and interesting scale lines.

  • Advanced


    In this version of You Are My Sunshine, you’ll learn how to use double stops to beef up your sound. This break uses scales and double stops for a tasty version of this classic melody.


More about You Are My Sunshine

What skill level do you consider yourself to be at? With Tunefox, we meet you at your level with 3 different guitar tabs - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. To learn the basic melody of this song (which is good for musicians at all levels), start with the beginner arrangement of You Are My Sunshine. Work your way up to the advanced version, where you’ll learn a more ‘professional’ solo for the song.

Tunefox features unique tools to assist with practicing You Are My Sunshine. "Speed-Up" will gradually increase the tempo of a looped section or the entire song so you can build your technique. When you select "Memory-Train", Tunefox will make the notes disappear from the tab each time the song loops, so you’ll learn how to get off the tab with ease. To isolate a section of the tune, simply click on the measure and it will loop.

Want to practice with a band? Use the Tunefox You Are My Sunshine backing tracks! These real-sounding tracks sound great and the settings will allow you to adjust the volume of the guitar, band, or metronome.

Each bluegrass guitar arrangement of You Are My Sunshine in Tunefox features switchable licks. These licks are designed to teach you multiple ways to play a song while staying true to the skill level you have chosen. To use the Tunefox lick switcher, click on "Original Measure" that is displayed over specific measures of the song. Use "Shuffle Licks" to switch all of the licks, which will show you a completely new arrangement of the song.

Members can export their arrangements into PDF, allowing them to print and bring them to their next jam session.