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Banjo tablatures for Ashes of Love

Earl Scruggs

Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #vocal song, #mid-tempo

This is a great tune that was popularized in the Bluegrass world by Jim and Jesse. It's been recorded by Buck Owens, David Grisman, the Kentucky Headhunters and many others.

Start with the melody tab. It's always best to learn the core of a tune before jumping into a Scruggs, Melodic, or Single String version of a tune, even if you are a more advanced player.

The Vic Jordan Style arrangement is a glorious combination of Scruggs style with a really cool melodic pass at the end of the tune. When you are trying to improve as a banjo player and bluegrass musician you should study the masters. This is a transcription of his playing from the Jim & Jesse album, "Superior Sounds of Bluegrass".

  • Banjo Ashes of Love Melody


    This is a simple melody that serves as a great platform for adding in some licks! Notice how measures 1-4 are the same as 5-8. It's always good to get a bird's eye view of a song yo...

    Banjo Ashes of Love Melody
  • Banjo Ashes of Love Vic Jordan Style

    Vic Jordan Style

    Pay attention to the right hand fingerings. There's a double thumb technique that's used several times, starting with the kickoff notes. You can get the same notes using single stri...

    Banjo Ashes of Love Vic Jordan Style