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Banjo tablatures for Banjo in the Hollow

The Dillards

Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #medium-tempo, #banjo tune

Banjo in the Hollow is many people's first banjo tune! It was written by Doug Dillard. Doug was the banjo player for "The Dillards". They rose to fame as through regular appearances on "The Andy Griffith Show". On the show, they were known as "The Darlins".

For this tune we have a Melodic and Backup arrangement. For the melodic arrangement you can use the difficulty slider if you need to make it a bit easier. Slowing down the tempo slider can make learning easier as well. It's always better to learn to play slow and clean first. There's several melodic licks to try out if you need some challenge or want to try something new. There's even a. couple Scruggs licks available so you can mix things up.

If the melodic style is intimidating to you then check out our Getting Started with Melodic Banjo Learning Path for some extra help. There's video tutorials and breakdown of the melodic scale and for Banjo in the Hollow melodic style!

Don't neglect the Backup! It's so common for banjo players to learn a bunch of leads and not learn about backup. Then when they get in a jam session a realization hits - backup is important. When playing the others you need this as much or even more than your leads.

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