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Banjo tablatures for Chinquapin Hunting


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #fiddle tune, #instrumental, #medium-tempo

Chinquapin Hunting' was a tune that had much significance and one of them was that the title itself was something of a legend. According to Ralph Stanley's autobiography, "Man of Sorrow", he wrote a little about chinquapin. He talked about how the little berry-like fruits were a real treat and grew along the Smith Ridge. It was a delight to find because you could forage them together and gobble them up to rid yourself of hunger. However, as time went by, the chinquapin started to reduce and vanished altogether. It was really queer the way they were so much just now and suddenly vanished altogether. This is the background for the song “chinquapin hunting” the lyrics appears to have been written quite similar to some similar title tunes like “chinky pin” or chinquapin. One of the unique version of the song was produced by one Kentucky fiddler Hiram Stampers. Stamper himself feels the music would be as old as the American Civil War and this can be as well true, with the background story of the disappearance of the chinquapin. There are also similar versions about the Chinquapin.

  • Banjo Chinquapin Hunting Single String Style

    Single String Style

    This is a first position arrangement of Chinquapin Hunting. Using open strings can help us to closely emulate the sound and style of a guitar or mandolin. There are also a few triple...

    Banjo Chinquapin Hunting Single String Style
  • Banjo Chinquapin Hunting Melodic Style

    Melodic Style

    The stretch in the A part may be a little hard at first, but is a great tool when playing melodic style in the key of D major.

    Banjo Chinquapin Hunting Melodic Style
  • Banjo Chinquapin Hunting Backup


    There is a lot of power and potential in the forward-backward roll. Here's a few ideas and variations to get your wheels turning. Check out the suspended fourth sound you get by leav...

    Banjo Chinquapin Hunting Backup