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Banjo tablatures for Dark Hollow

Bill Monroe

Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #vocal song, #medium-tempo

"Dark Hollow" is a folk song or tune originally recorded by folk artist-musician Bill Browning in 1958. It is incorporated as the B-side of his single "Borned with the Blues." Even though it is normally credited to Browning, the melody has some musical similarities to the customary "East Virginia Blues/East Virginia" and "ComeAll You Fair and Tender Ladies," likely Browning's motivation. "Hollow" is seen as the mainstream highlight of Browning's short profession. However, it didn't arrive at the pinnacle of its prominence until Grateful Dead in the mid-1970s recorded it. They Started performing acoustic fronts of the tune in 1970. Electric covers before long followed in 1973 pursued by progressively acoustic covers in 1980. Altogether, Grateful Dead performed "Dark Hollow" around 30 times. Their adaptation shows up on History of the Grateful Dead, Volume One (Bear's Choice), and the live recording.

  • Banjo Dark Hollow Scruggs Style

    Scruggs Style

    A classic jam tune. This arrangement of Dark Hollow uses hammer-ons to accent the vocal inflections and give you a more "real" sounding melody.

    Banjo Dark Hollow Scruggs Style
  • Banjo Dark Hollow Scruggs Style-2

    Scruggs Style-2

    There is definitely some Scruggs style challenge for your right and left hand here, but if you practice slow and steady you will win the race.

    Banjo Dark Hollow Scruggs Style-2
  • Banjo Dark Hollow Melodic Style

    Melodic Style

    Dark Hollow played melodic style features a lot of descending scale patterns to create a tasteful and fun version of this song.

    Banjo Dark Hollow Melodic Style
  • Banjo Dark Hollow Backup


    This backup version of Dark Hollow teaches the use of 7th chords when playing down-the-neck. This sounds great behind a vocalist, but also will work well behind fiddle solos!

    Banjo Dark Hollow Backup