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I Am A Pilgrim banjo tabs

  • Tablatures

    Scruggs Style

    Doc Watson

    Here's a fairly straight ahead break for I Am a Pilgrim. Dig the 7th chords in the melody and also in the backup. This song is inherently bluesy, which lends itself well to utilizing 7th chords as substitutes for the regular triad chords.

  • Bluesy

    Doc Watson

    Here's a Bluesy break for I Am A Pilgrim. This arrangement features melodic, single string, and Scruggs style rolling. There are also some cool down the neck single string triplet licks. Slow down the tab playback to practice the timing for those. Have fun!

  • Backup

    Doc Watson

    This backup arrangement of I Am A Pilgrim shows how to utilize 7th chords to create and release tension between chords. This version starts out with some open chord vamping and then moves into rolling. For an extra variation, try continuing to vamp throughout the entire song.


More about I Am A Pilgrim

On Tunefox you’ll find 3 different tabs for I Am A Pilgrim. Each of these tabs will teach you how to play this tune in a different way. The Scruggs style tablature will show you how to play left-hand slurs, otherwise known as hammer-ons, slides, and pull-offs. The Bluesy style arrangement, and finally, the Backup arrangement will teach you how to play the backup for this song, which is essential for jam sessions.

Each Tunefox arrangement teaches you how to create your own solos by using a feature called the Lick Switcher. The Lick Switcher features different style licks such as Scruggs, Melodic, or Bluesy and you can swap out measures in I Am A Pilgrim to learn about improvisation and creating arrangements. To use the Lick Switcher, click on the text "Original Measure" above certain measures in the song. Then select the lick you'd like to insert into the song. You can also click on "Shuffle Licks" at the bottom of the page to see a fully new version of the tablature.

You'll also find some useful tools which will help you to learn how to play I Am A Pilgrim on banjo. For example, you can use the "Hide Notes" feature, which will hide some notes for you so you can learn parts of the melody by ear. The "Memory train" tool will progressively hide notes each time you play through a section or the entirety of a song. Take your speed to the next level with the "Speed Up" feature. This tool will automatically increase playback speed each time you loop the song.

Each Tunefox banjo I Am A Pilgrim tab contains real-sounding backing tracks. These backing tracks allow you to practice the arrangement you’re learning with an entire band and you can change the volume of the band, banjo and metronome to suit your liking.

Members can also export all of their banjo I Am A Pilgrim arrangements into PDF files.