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Lonesome Pine banjo tabs

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    Banjo Lonesome Pine tab

    Scruggs Style


    • Difficulty
    • Key
    • Tempo
      110 bpm
    • Tuning

    Blue Highway played this in B. So, if you want to do it like them capo at the 4th fret and get crackin'! That being said, you can play any song in any key. It's all about what fits your needs or voice the best. Feeling lazy and just playing by yourself? Just play it in G. Feel like the vocal melody is just out of your range? Drop the capo back to the 2nd fret and play in A. Make the music work for you!


More about Lonesome Pine

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Lonesome Pine lyrics

There's a path back in the mountains To that one room house, where I was born Even now the memories linger My mama's smile so soft and warm CH: Lonesome pine I can hear you calling Calling me back to my home Where the fox and hound through the hills are roaming Lonesome pine calling me home...hen I'm alone and lonely I still hear my daddy call my name CH Someday soon I'm gonna travel Back to the land that I love best In the stillness of the mountains I will find sweet peace and rest CH