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My Old Kentucky Home banjo tabs & chords

  • Scruggs Style


    Some of the lyrics are outdated and inappropriate, but the melody is timeless. It makes for a great instrumental tune. This could be fun in a band or a jam setting. If you're from the Bluegrass state, you have no choice. Learn My Old Kentucky Home today!

    • Key G
    • 120 bpm
    • Tuning gDGBD
    Play Scruggs Style
  • Melodic Style


    A fun melodic arrangement of My Old Kentucky Home. Use the lick switcher for more variations. State the true melody clearly and with great tone at the end. Let everyone know exactly what tune you are playing!

    • Key G
    • 120 bpm
    • Tuning gDGBD
    Play Melodic Style
  • Single String Style


    A few challenging phrases. Focus on good tone production. Having the pick surface perpendicular to the string is a good starting point. Sometimes, you can attack the string at a slight angle and you will get a warmer tone. This doesn't sound good on the low D string because of the string windings, but on the unwound strings, you can get some soft and sweet sounds.

    • Key G
    • 120 bpm
    • Tuning gDGBD
    Play Single String Style

More about My Old Kentucky Home Banjo song

Banjo My Old Kentucky Home tab

On Tunefox you’ll find 3 different tabs for My Old Kentucky Home. Each of these tabs will teach you how to play the this tune in a different way. The Scruggs style tablature will show you how to play left hand slurs, otherwise known as hammer-ons, slides, and pull-offs. The Melodic style arrangement of will show you how to play My Old Kentucky Home up the neck using major and pentatonic scales. And finally, the Backup arrangement will teach you how to play the backup for this song, which is essential for jam sessions.

There are many Scruggs, melodic and bluesy licks in these three banjo My Old Kentucky Home tablatures, which can be used to personalize each arrangement into your liking. To change measure into different arrangement, just click on the "Original Measure" text above the measure and select a different lick. You can also click the "Shuffle licks" button at the bottom of the page to randomly change all of the licks in the tablature and create a wholly unique arrangement of this song.

Be sure to check out all of the great learning tools that Tunefox has to offer such as "Hide Notes", "Memory Train", and "Speed Up". These tools can be found in the "Tools" menu at the bottom right of your screen. Want to learn some of My Old Kentucky Home by ear? Use "Hide Notes" to hide some or all of the notes in the tablature. Once you’re finished learning with the tab use the "Memory Train" tool to commit the song to memory. Then practice with "Speed Up" to improve your technique and speed in no time.

Use the Tunefox backing tracks to practice the solo you’re working on or improvising over the chord changes for My Old Kentucky Home. The backing tracks are recorded samples of real instruments to help simulate practicing with an actual band. You can adjust the volume of the instrument, band, and metronome to your liking.

When you’ve finished creating your arrangement of My Old Kentucky Home, export your song arrangement to PDF file. This feature is for members of Tunefox, only.

My Old Kentucky Home lyrics

Randy Newman

Turpentine, dandelion wine
I just turned the corner and I'm doin' fine
Shootin' at the birds on the telephone line
Pickin' em off with this gun of mine
I got a fire in my belly
And a fire in my head
Goin' higher and higher
Till I'm dead

Sister Sue, she's short and stout
She didn't grow up - she grew out
Mama says she's plain but she's just bein' kind
Papa thinks she's pretty but he's almost blind
And they don't let her out 'cept late at night
But I don't care 'cause I'm all right

Oh, the sun shines bright on
My Old Kentucky Home
And the young folks roll on the floor
Oh, the sun shines bright on
My Old Kentucky Home
Keep them hard times away from my door

Brother Gene, is big and mean
And he don't have much to say
He had a little woman who he whupped each day
But now she's gone away
Got drunk last night
Kicked mama down the stairs
But I'm all right so I don't care