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Banjo tablatures for Temperance Reel


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #irish music, #fiddle tune, #up-tempo, #celtic

This is another song that has sure stood the test of time. The "temperance reel" song has widespread popularity in Australia, North America, and some parts of Europe, which include; Ireland and Great Britain. Either referred to as "Temperance Reel" or "Teetotaler's Reel," this song dates back to the ancient time, the 19th century precisely. In North America, it is often called (or is known by) the name "Temperance reel." However, this North American Title of the song seems to have originated from Ireland and was only adopted by North Americans. As is expected of ancient tunes that have survived from their century into another, there have been a lot of remakes by various artists appreciating the tune in their own way. In print, Ford printed a version titled "Six Hand Reel." However, it was presumed to have been collected in Missouri, as were most of his other tunes, as were most of his tunes. There are other Missouri titles, which include; "Rocky Road to Denver" and "Where is My Other Foot?". The Quebec fiddler, Isidore Soucy's also had his own version of this song, which he titled "Gigue du père Lauzon," and it had an irregular version with its parts revised. In 1919, the earliest American recording of the tune was birthed by Joseph Samuels. Then, Brooklyn accordion player John "Dutch" Kimmel followed suit. However, he recorded it as a medley accompanied by two other songs, "Cuckoo's Nest" and "Mason's Apron."

  • Banjo Temperance Reel Scruggs Style

    Scruggs Style

    Check out this fun arrangement of Temperance Reel in the style of Jim Mills. Jim does an amazing job of really bringing out this fiddle tune melody with Scruggs style banjo.

    Banjo Temperance Reel Scruggs Style
  • Banjo Temperance Reel Melodic Style

    Melodic Style

    This is a fairly straight forward melodic version of Temperance Reel. Use a partial bar on the 7th fret in the B section and roll your finger up slightly when you need to play the op...

    Banjo Temperance Reel Melodic Style
  • Banjo Temperance Reel Backup


    Backup in the style of Jim Mills. Check out how he uses a chromatic walk in both sections. That helps lead the listener's and the soloist's ear to the next chord. Also note how he be...

    Banjo Temperance Reel Backup
  • Banjo Temperance Reel Single String Style

    Single String Style

    The A section of this arrangement of Temperance Reel uses a lot of open strings like a mandolin or guitar player would. Using open strings can help add sustain, connectivity, and a s...

    Banjo Temperance Reel Single String Style