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Wabash Cannonball banjo tabs & chords

  • Scruggs Style


    This song is a must-know jam song that has been covered by all sorts of people. Enjoy this down-the-neck arrangement of Wabash Cannonball with some fun licks thrown in!

    • Key G
    • 110 bpm
    • Tuning gDGBD
    Play Scruggs Style
  • Melodic Style


    An advanced arrangement of Wabash Cannonball that starts out down the neck and brings you up the neck with some fancy melodic runs.

    • Key G
    • 110 bpm
    • Tuning gDGBD
    Play Melodic Style
  • Backup Style


    This arrangement of Wabash Cannonball demonstrates how you can switch between vamping and rolling down the neck.

    • Key G
    • 110 bpm
    • Tuning gDGBD
    Play Backup Style

More about Wabash Cannonball Banjo song

Banjo Wabash Cannonball tab

Learn 3 different versions of Wabash Cannonball, which are all shown on this page. We recommend that you get started with the Scruggs style version, where you’ll learn basic roll pattern and left hand articulations like slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Next, move on to the Melodic arrangement to learn how to play the melody for Wabash Cannonball using scales and up the next positions. Lastly, you can check out the Backup arrangement, which shows you how to play behind others while they are soloing.

In every Tunefox tablature arrangement you'll find measures where you can switch out licks to see different options to use for your improvisation. This feature is called the Lick Switcher. How do you find the Lick Switcher? Look for text that says "Original Measure" over different measures in the Wabash Cannonball tab you are learning and click on that text. It'll open up the Lick Switcher where you can select a substitute measure for that spot in the song. You'll find that there are different styles of licks like Scruggs, Melodic, Bluesy, and more. Want to see a completely different version of this song? Click on "Shuffle Licks" on the bottom of tool panel to randomly shuffle the licks in the song.

You'll also find some useful tools which will help you to learn how to play Wabash Cannonball on banjo. For example, you can use the "Hide Notes" feature, which will hide some notes for you so you can learn parts of the melody by ear. The "Memory train" tool will progressively hide notes each time you play through a section or the entirety of a song. Take your speed to the next level with the "Speed Up" feature. This tool will automatically increase playback speed each time you loop the song.

Each arrangement of Wabash Cannonball for banjo features real-sounding backing tracks. Use these backing tracks to polish up the solo you’re working on. You can mix the banjo, band, and metronome up or down so that you have several options for your practice.

Once you’ve settled on an arrangement of Wabash Cannonball using the Lick Switcher, export your arrangement to a PDF file so you can print it out and take it with you. This is a member-only feature.

Wabash Cannonball lyrics

From the great Atlantic Ocean to the wide Pacific shore
From the queen of flowin' mountains to the southland by the shore
She's mighty tall and handsome and known quite well by all
She's the mighty combination of the Wabash cannonball

Listen to the jingle, the rumble and the roar
As she glides along the woodland through the hills and by the shore
Hear the mighty rush of the engine, hear the lonesome hobo's squall
While traveling through the jungle on the Wabash cannonball

She came down from Birmingham one cold December day.
As she rolled into the station you could hear all the people say
There's a girl from Tennessee, she's long and she's tall
She came down from Birmingham on the Wabash cannonball


Here's to Daddy Claxton, may his name forever stand
And always be remembered in the courts of Alabam
His earthly race is over and as the curtains round him fall
We'll carry him home to victory on the Wabash cannonball


Iíve rode the I.C. Limited also the Royal Blue
And I have travelled many a mile on mail train number two
Iíve rode those highball trains from coast to coast thatís all
And I have found no equal to the Wabash Cannonball.