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Banjo Your Love is Like a Flower tab

Here on Tunefox you’ll find 3 versions of Your Love is Like a Flower for banjo. The Scruggs style tablature will teach you how to play slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs. In the melodic arrangement of Your Love is Like a Flower, you’ll learn some fancy up-the-neck melodic work. The third variation of this song is a forward roll based-backup arrangement.

There are many Scruggs, melodic and bluesy licks in these three banjo Your Love is Like a Flower tablatures, which can be used to personalize each arrangement into your liking. To change measure into different arrangement, just click on the "Original Measure" text above the measure and select a different lick. You can also click the "Shuffle licks" button at the bottom of the page to randomly change all of the licks in the tablature and create a wholly unique arrangement of this song.

There are a number of fantastic learning tools in Tunefox to help you memorize, learn by ear, and improve your speed. These special features are found in the "Tools" menu at the bottom right of your screen. The "Hide Notes" tool will hide a number of the notes in the tab so you can use your ears to learn parts of the melody of the Your Love is Like a Flower. Next, try out the "Memory Train" tool, which will hide more and more notes each time the song or measure loops. This will help get you off of the tab you’ve been working with so you can play it by memory. The "Speed Up" feature gradually speeds up the song so you can hone your technique and challenge yourself to go faster.

Each arrangement of Your Love is Like a Flower for banjo features real-sounding backing tracks. Use these backing tracks to polish up the solo you’re working on. You can mix the banjo, band, and metronome up or down so that you have several options for your practice.

Members can export their arrangements into PDF, allowing them to print and bring them to their next jam session.

Your Love is Like a Flower lyrics

It was long, long ago in the moonlight
We were sitting on the banks of the stream
When you whispered so sweetly, I love you
And the flowers murmured a tune

On they tell me your love's like a flower
In the spring time it blossoms so fair
In the cold wind it withers away dear
And theytell me that't the way of your love

I remember the night, little darling
We were talking of days gone by
When you told me you always would love me
And your love for me would never die

It was spring you told me those words, dear
The flowers were blooming so fair
But now as the snow falls around me
I can see that your love isn't there