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Where to Now?

Next Steps

Ok, now you’ve tackled all that is Red-Haired Boy and you’re wondering what you should do next. If you want to learn the advanced version of Red-Haired Boy, which is based on an arrangement by master crosspicker David Grier, then it would be best to check out the lesson paths on Crosspicking. Start with 101, then go to 102. After that you should be prepared to attempt the advanced version of Red-Haired Boy, which is a beautiful arrangement but a serious challenge.

  •  Introduction to Crosspicking

    Learning Path

    Introduction to Crosspicking

    Learn the most basic mechanics of the cross-picking technique and apply it in two different songs

  •  Crosspicking Guitar 102

    Learning Path

    Crosspicking Guitar 102

    This lesson series will build on the material covered in the "Introduction to Crosspicking" lessons. There will be a brief review of...

  • Red Haired Boy - Advanced



    David Grier. Nuff' Said. This is a transcription from his album "Hootenanny" which you should definitely treat yourself to. Check ou...