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All The Good Times Are Past And Gone mandolin tabs

  • Tablatures


    Flatt & Scruggs

    A great version of All The Good Times Are Past And Gone to give you a bunch of solid ideas to play over this waltz in A major.

  • Bluegrass

    Flatt & Scruggs

    Tremolo, bluesy slides, and double-stops all-in-one! There’s a lot to learn from this short solo, so take your time!


More about All The Good Times Are Past And Gone

With many versions of this tune recorded, All the Good Times Have Passed and Gone is one of the most popular Bluegrass and old-time standard tunes. There is no clear origin of the song but the first recording was done by Fred and Gertrude Gossett as early as 1930. However, none of them ever made any claim to have composed the song. The song marks the turn of the 20th century and appears to be an American folksong, but it's possible that it is even much older than that.

The lyrics of the song vary from recording to recording. For instance, you hear some folks sing "All the Good Times Have Passed and Gone" while others sing "All the Good Times Are Past and Gone." This happens because the song has a series of floating verses from which you can easily choose from. On the Gosset recording in 1930, he ends the chorus with "darlin', don't weep for me," while the modern modification of the tune changed it to "little darlin', don't weep no more" or even "little darlin', don't you weep no more. There are other early recordings published by Steve Ledford around 1932, the Monroe Bros. in 1937, and the Ozark Boys in 1940.