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Mandolin tablatures for Cripple Creek


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #up-tempo, #banjo tune, #fiddle tune

This is an absolute standard. It's the first tune a lot of people learn for mandolin, banjo, guitar or fiddle!

Start with the melody! It's always best to start simple and add complexity after developing a solid foundation. After that check out the Bluegrass arrangement. Try some licks out with both of these. This tune is almost always played in A. Especially if you're jamming with other fiddle players or mandolin players. You can get a whole new perspective on the tune if you learn it in the Low Octave. Learning a tune in two octaves is always a good thing. You get to hear the tune in a totally new context, and it helps you better learn and understand fretboard patterns on the mandolin.

Sometimes, if you happen to be jamming with some guitar players or banjo players, they might be too lazy too put on their capos when playing this tune,. That means they are probably jamming in the key of G. To get a feel for that on the mandolin, check out the Melody - Key of G and try a few licks. Again, learning this tune in another key will help you better understand fretboard patterns on the mandolin.

  • Mandolin Cripple Creek Melody


    This basic melody is a great place to start for beginners. It's also great intermediate and advanced players when learning to play at higher tempos. Lastly, it has some very ...

    Mandolin Cripple Creek Melody
  • Mandolin Cripple Creek Bluegrass


    This version of cripple creek follows the core melody and works great at the easy or hard setting on the difficulty slider. There's a nice variety of licks to use here. Some are note...

    Mandolin Cripple Creek Bluegrass
  • Mandolin Cripple Creek Bluegrass - Low Octave

    Bluegrass - Low Octave

    You open up a whole new world of sound when you learn Cripple Creek using those low strings!

    Mandolin Cripple Creek Bluegrass - Low Octave
  • Mandolin Cripple Creek Melody - Key of G

    Melody - Key of G

    To give you some practice on Cripple Creek in a different key, here's the key of G. The melody is the same but because of the key change the positions are different.

    Mandolin Cripple Creek Melody - Key of G