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Mandolin tablatures for Old Joe Clark


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #old time, #instrumental, #fiddle tune

This is a jam standard! Make sure to learn this at the easiest level so you get the basic melody. You'll need to adjust the green difficulty slider for that. Once you get comfortable playing this at the easier level, you can raise the difficulty level bit by bit with the slider or use the Tunefox Tutor to guide your progression. Learn the Bluegrass arrangement first. The Low Octave arrangement requires quite a bit more stretching for the fret hand but opens up a whole new world of sound and is great for your understanding of the fretboard and patterns.

  • Mandolin Old Joe Clark Bluegrass


    This is the classic version of Old Joe Clark. It can be simplified with the slider, or you can crank up the difficulty and play the full fledged fiddle tune version of this song. Mak...

    Mandolin Old Joe Clark Bluegrass
  • Mandolin Old Joe Clark Low Octave

    Low Octave

    Time to get low. Playing in the lower octave can unlock new ideas and sounds. It also comes with more challenge in the fretting hand. Take it slow, and play it clean!

    Mandolin Old Joe Clark Low Octave