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Mandolin tablatures for Chinquapin Hunting


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #old time, #up-tempo, #fiddle tune

Unleash your mandolin mastery with the old-time fiddle tune, "Chinquapin Hunting." Crafted perfectly for intermediate players, this up-tempo melody is sure to challenge your skills while keeping your toes tapping. Experience the raw energy and rhythm of the timeless mandolin tradition with this classic piece.

If you are ok with doing hammer-ons the Simple arrangement is a great place to start. It requires only downstrokes from your pick hand, and you get a little extra speed by adding those hammer-ons in. If you don't have your hammer-ons down, and aren't up for practicing them at the moment then check out the Jam arrangement. This one strips down well with difficulty slider. At the easiest level it's great for beginners, and at the hardest level it's perfect for the intermediate or advanced player. The licks are great on this one as well.

The Bluegrass arrangement is a wild ride and great for the advanced pickers. There are a lot of 16th note triplets. These help you create that classic fiddle styling on mandolin but can be quite a challenge. Make sure you pay attention to the pick direction markings as you have to change the pattern up when incorporating these.

  • Mandolin Chinquapin Hunting Simple


    This is beginning arrangement of Chinquapin Hunting to get you playing quickly, with substitution licks that will add challenge and bring you closer to the way this fiddle tune is o...

    Mandolin Chinquapin Hunting Simple
  • Mandolin Chinquapin Hunting Jam


    This is much closer to the way you will hear the fiddle tune played at jams. Check out all the variations of Chinquapin Hunting by using the substitution licks. If you can come up wi...

    Mandolin Chinquapin Hunting Jam
  • Mandolin Chinquapin Hunting Bluegrass


    Check out this arrangement of Chinquapin Hunting with triplets, cross-picking, and a whole lot of 16th notes. Some people like this style of playing that emulates the fiddle. Some tr...

    Mandolin Chinquapin Hunting Bluegrass