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Mandolin tablatures for Big Sciota


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #fiddle tune, #medium-tempo, #old time

This is a great fiddle tune that's popular at a lot of jams. The Simple arrangement is great for Beginner and Intermediate players. Using the difficulty slider you can strip the arrangement down to only eighth notes. You'll only have to use downstrokes with your pick. This is great for beginners or intermediate players needing a super simple arrangement they can play at really fast speeds.

The Jam arrangement of this tune is great for intermediate and advanced players, and with the use of the difficult slider, even beginner players can tackle this one as long as you are ok with a few pull-offs. The licks here are a little more advanced, but remember they can be simplified with the main difficulty slider or the one that's in the pop-up window when you're editing a different measure/selecting a lick.

The Bluegrass arrangement is great for advanced or late intermediate players. It has lots of great embellishments that are derived from fiddle players. The licks feature some up the neck playing that sounds great as well.

  • Mandolin Big Sciota Simple


    Big Sciota is a popular jam tune because of it’s exciting chords in the B section. This arrangement goes fairly high up on the E string so be aware of the shifting!

    Mandolin Big Sciota Simple
  • Mandolin Big Sciota Jam


    This arrangement of Big Sciota builds upon the beginner version with more 16th notes and bluegrassy licks.

    Mandolin Big Sciota Jam
  • Mandolin Big Sciota Bluegrass


    There are many more slurs in this version of Big Sciota than the other two and the B section is really exciting as it slides around the C and Em chords. Have fun!

    Mandolin Big Sciota Bluegrass