Banks of the Ohio mandolin tabs & chords

  • Banks of the Ohio is a classic murder ballad. This one is in the infamous key of F and it’s not incredibly fast so it’s a great starting tune for learning how to play in this key.

    • Key F
    • 70 bpm
    • Tuning GDAE
    Play Beginner
  • This arrangement of Banks of the Ohio has a bit more flourishes in it to create a fuller sound. Check out the 4th measure for a cool C7 lick!

    • Key F
    • 85 bpm
    • Tuning GDAE
    Play Intermediate
  • A challenging arrangement of Banks of the Ohio because of the fluid switching between tremolo and single note lines. Play with the recording and backing tracks to get the rhythms solid.

    • Key F
    • 100 bpm
    • Tuning GDAE
    Play Advanced

More about Banks of the Ohio Mandolin song

The Tunefox Beginner tab is focusing on accenting the melody notes of the vocal line. Intermediate arrangement features more 16th note up and down strokes than the beginner version and Advanced version adds some tasty melodic flare.

There are a ton of tools in the Tunefox app that will help you learn Banks of the Ohio tabs more efficiently and effectively. Use the tempo control slider to slow down the whole song, or isolate problematic measures. You can also activate the "Speed Up" tool to speed up isolated measures each time they loop. Use the "Memory Train" tool to hide more and more notes each time you play through the song.

If you ever wondered how to play Banks of the Ohio on mandolin more creatively, try changing out the licks! Most of the measures can be changed into a different style, so you can gain an understanding of how other musicians may approach this tune. You can also shuffle all of the licks in the song to create a unique arrangement of the entire tab.

Need to work on jamming? Use the Tunefox backing tracks, which are included with each arrangement of Banks of the Ohio. You can mix the volume of mandolin, full band, and metronome to whatever level you’d like.

Want to print out your arrangement or share it with a friend? Sign up for a Tunefox membership to export your tab to a PDF file.