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Big Sandy River mandolin tabs

  • Tablatures
    Mandolin Big Sandy River tab


    Bill Monroe

    • Difficulty
    • Key
    • Tempo
      115 bpm
    • Tuning

    A classic Bill Monroe instrumental with a great chromatic run as a main theme.


More about Big Sandy River

This fiddle tune is often played at jam sessions. It's very popular, thanks to its easy-going and memorable melody. Once you learn the main version, check out the licks to make it sound more bluesy or chromatic. This may spice up your solo! It will definitely be appreciated after hearing other solos that stick primarily to the melody. Also, try to find a way to play the B part an octave lower to make it a little different. Be careful about the right-hand direction. It is important to keep the down-up going on especially in bars 5 and 6 when left-hand techniques are involved.

Learn how to play the melody of Big Sandy River with the beginner mandolin tab on Tunefox. From there you can work your way up to the intermediate and advanced arrangements, which feature an emphasis on technical playing while still holding true to that original melody.

Use Tunefox’s unique practice tools to take your playing up a notch or two. The tempo slider allows you to set the perfect tempo for your practice, depending on your goals. Work up to your ideal speed for the song using the Speed Up tool and once you’re ready to commit Big Sandy River tab to memory, use Memory Train to gradually hide the notes in the song each time it loops.

Want to learn how to improvise over Big Sandy River on mandolin? Use the Tunefox Lick Switcher to change some of the measures into different style licks. You can basically create your own arrangement of the song, depending on what you want to learn. Pretty cool! If you want to randomly shuffle the licks in the song, go down to the bottom toolbar and click on Shuffle Licks.

All 3 Big Sandy River mandolin tabs include backing tracks, so you can change the volume of a mandolin, band or metronome to suit your liking.

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