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Mandolin tablatures for Big Sandy River

Bill Monroe

Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #reel, #fiddle tune, #a major, #kenny baker, #bill monroe, #shuffle, #bluegrass

This fiddle tune is often played at jam sessions. It's very popular, thanks to its easy-going and memorable melody. Once you learn the main version, check out the licks to make it sound more bluesy or chromatic. This may spice up your solo! It will definitely be appreciated after hearing other solos that stick primarily to the melody. Also, try to find a way to play the B part an octave lower to make it a little different. Be careful about the right-hand direction. It is important to keep the down-up going on especially in bars 5 and 6 when left-hand techniques are involved.

  • Mandolin Big Sandy River Bluegrass


    A classic Bill Monroe instrumental with a great chromatic run as a main theme.

    Mandolin Big Sandy River Bluegrass