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Blackberry Blossom mandolin tabs

  • Tablatures
    Mandolin Blackberry Blossom tab



    • Difficulty
    • Key
    • Tempo
      120 bpm
    • Tuning

    This is one of the most popular bluegrass jam songs but isn’t one of the easiest to improvise over. Check out how fast the chords move and make sure you practice switching them with the metronome.


More about Blackberry Blossom

Here you will find 3 different ways to play Blackberry Blossom on mandolin. The beginner Blackberry Blossom tab will show you how to play the basic melody line. Once you feel comfortable playing that then move on to learning the intermediate arrangement, which will teach you how to incorporate more 16th notes. Finally, the advanced Blackberry Blossom tab shows you how to really show your playing off with some flash bluegrass licks all based on the melody.

There are a ton of tools in the Tunefox app that will help you learn Blackberry Blossom tabs more efficiently and effectively. Use the tempo control slider to slow down the whole song, or isolate problematic measures. You can also activate the "Speed Up" tool to speed up isolated measures each time they loop. Use the "Memory Train" tool to hide more and more notes each time you play through the song.

Want to learn how to improvise over Blackberry Blossom on mandolin? Use the Tunefox Lick Switcher to change some of the measures into different style licks. You can basically create your own arrangement of the song, depending on what you want to learn. Pretty cool! If you want to randomly shuffle the licks in the song, go down to the bottom toolbar and click on Shuffle Licks.

All 3 Blackberry Blossom mandolin tabs include backing tracks, so you can change the volume of a mandolin, band or metronome to suit your liking.

If you’re a Tunefox member, you have the ability to export your arrangement to a PDF file.