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Mandolin tablatures for Crossroad Blues

Robert Johnson

Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #bluesy, #a minor

Written by Robert Johnson, made famous by Eric Clapton. Start with the Beginner arrangement to get a foundation for the timing in this tune. Pay close attention to the pick direction in each version of the tune.

  • Mandolin Crossroad Blues Simple


    Feelin blue? Give it a minute...You'll get there. This easy version of Crossroad Blues is a perfect place to start.

    Mandolin Crossroad Blues Simple
  • Mandolin Crossroad Blues Low Octave

    Low Octave

    This version is a little more challenging, and based off of Eric Clapton's legendary take on this blues standard. How blue can you get?

    Mandolin Crossroad Blues Low Octave
  • Mandolin Crossroad Blues High Octave

    High Octave

    Up the neck! You don't have to sell your soul, but you will need to practice. Heads up!-Sometimes the second measure of the song goes to a D chord, but it doesn't have to. There's re...

    Mandolin Crossroad Blues High Octave