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Mandolin tablatures for Devil's Dream

Bill Keith

Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #fiddle tune, #up-tempo

Devil's Dream is a traditional folk tune that was popularized by banjoist Bill Keith. It is a fast-paced melody that often features a two-part structure.

The Beginner level features a simplified single-line approach that's great for starting out. With the green difficulty slider set to the easy you'll learn the core notes, and when it's set to hard you'll incorporate the ever important Bum-Ditty rhythm pattern.

The Intermediate version is a nice, gradual step up from the Beginner arrangement. This one includes some scalar movement along sixteenth notes. Practicing your A major scale and the workouts really pay off here.

The Advanced arrangement is a full fledged version of this fiddle tune. It includes pull-offs, requires some pinky usage on your fret hand, and features some tough cross-picking.

Remember, with any arrangement, you can use the green difficulty slider to fine tune the song to your skill level. Should you come across any tough measures or licks, you can edit the difficulty of just that measure inside the edit measure pop-up window. Getting familiar with Tunefox's tools will help you be efficient and effective when you practice.

  • Mandolin Devil's Dream Simple


    An interesting tune in that it features the minor II chord in the second measure of the Devil's Dream. This will give you some fresh ideas for improvisation!

    Mandolin Devil's Dream Simple
  • Mandolin Devil's Dream Jam


    You’re getting closer to playing the full fiddle tune melody. This arrangement of Devil's Dream is the 2nd step in creating the full long lines of the advanced version.

    Mandolin Devil's Dream Jam
  • Mandolin Devil's Dream Bluegrass


    Devil's Dream is a beautiful melody that sounds great at many different tempi. The Bm chord is a nice flavor that you don’t see often in bluegrass.

    Mandolin Devil's Dream Bluegrass