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Eighth Of January mandolin tabs

  • Tablatures



    Eighth Of January is a popular fiddle tune and one that was written about the Battle of New Orleans that happened during the War of 1812.

  • Jam


    A fun march-like arrangement of Eighth Of January that builds on the beginner arrangement with hammer-ons and pull-offs.

  • Bluegrass


    Eighth Of January is a great old fiddle tune and is very popular to play with guitar accompaniment and maybe even in unison with a fellow mandolinist!


More about Eighth Of January

This is a traditional fiddle tune that was recorded to commemorate the event that is known as “Jackson’s Victory” or what some other people prefer to call it – “Eight of January.” The original version was Performed by Jesse Robinson, guitar and Bill Robinson, fiddle. The tune was recorded at Visalia FSA Camp, August 30, 1941. There is also an amazing version that was played on the fiddled and finessed by bill and Kassie Robinson. You can listen to it on their collection of voices from the dust bowl. Also, there are several versions collected from the dust bowl by Charles L. Todd and Robert Sonkin. The dust bowl was a time when musicians came together to try to help people who have been displaced by the severe dust storms that destroyed homes and agricultural products around the 1930s. It was a terrible time, and most people left Oklahoma to work in California. The tune is a favorite for those that love to do square dancing. There are also some versions of the song, and James Morris even composed lyrics to it in 1958 and called it “The Battle of The New Orleans.” The version that Johnny Horton composed in1959 rose to the top of the hit parade that very year.

Here you will find 3 different ways to play Eighth Of January on mandolin. The beginner Eighth Of January tab will show you how to play the basic melody line. Once you feel comfortable playing that then move on to learning the intermediate arrangement, which will teach you how to incorporate more 16th notes. Finally, the advanced Eighth Of January tab shows you how to really show your playing off with some flash bluegrass licks all based on the melody.

Use Tunefox’s unique practice tools to take your playing up a notch or two. The tempo slider allows you to set the perfect tempo for your practice, depending on your goals. Work up to your ideal speed for the song using the Speed Up tool and once you’re ready to commit Eighth Of January tab to memory, use Memory Train to gradually hide the notes in the song each time it loops.

Once you learn the main arrangement of Eighth Of January, try switching out the licks in the song to learn about improvisation and creativity. You can do this by using the Tunefox Lick Switcher, which features hand-crafted licks built specifically for each tab. If you’re looking to spice up the entire arrangement of Eighth Of January, click Shuffle Licks, which can be found in the bottom tool bar.

The backing tracks included in all tab versions of Eighth Of January are a great tool for practicing the melody or improvisation. Go to Settings to change the volume levels of the mandolin, full band tracks, and metronome to suit your practice needs.

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