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Golden Slippers mandolin tabs

  • Tablatures



    Hammer-ons are a great tool to help you get more notes with out giving too much of the workload to your picking hand. Practice landing right on your finger tip to get good volume. Watch your timing in the B part. Use the app when you are away from the instrument to listen to the timing. Isolate the measures with the dotted 8th and quarter notes separately. Listen to the measures repeatedly until you can hum along with the mandolin. If you are on your computer, go to "more settings" in the bottom right hand corner and dial down the band volume so you hear more of the mandolin. Listening is just as important to your musical development as playing your instrument.

  • Jam


    The hammer-ons are still here to help some, but we've given your right hand a little more work to do! Practice as slow as you need to get the notes clean and clear. The B-part is largely unchanged, but the substitution licks are more on an intermediate/advanced level, so be sure to check those out. Also, use those dotted quarter notes in the B-part as a chance to explore your creativity. Add some notes in those big spaces. Even if you are just playing eighth or sixteenth notes and not moving the pitch. If you are more adventurous, remember to play in the Key of A. Pay attention to your target notes and try to walk up to, or down to, that next melody note with your own variation.

  • Bluegrass


    Time to let those fingers fly! Do a little dance. Please enjoy this arrangement of Golden Slippers, and the great substitution licks we've crafted for all you TuneFoxers!


More about Golden Slippers

Learn how to play the melody of Golden Slippers with the beginner mandolin tab on Tunefox. From there you can work your way up to the intermediate and advanced arrangements, which feature an emphasis on technical playing while still holding true to that original melody.

Tunefox features several amazing learning tools to aid you in practicing Golden Slippers tabs. For example, the tempo control slider will let you set an ideal tempo for practice and you can also click on measures to isolate specific sections of the song. The Speed Up tool will gradually increase the tempo each time the song or selected measures loop and the Memory Train feature will steadily hide notes in the song each time it loops.

Once you learn the main arrangement of Golden Slippers, try switching out the licks in the song to learn about improvisation and creativity. You can do this by using the Tunefox Lick Switcher, which features hand-crafted licks built specifically for each tab. If you’re looking to spice up the entire arrangement of Golden Slippers, click Shuffle Licks, which can be found in the bottom tool bar.

All arrangements of Golden Slippers include flexible backing tracks, allowing you to change the volume of the main instrument, full band, or metronome to suit your practice needs.

Members can also export all of their arrangements into PDF files.