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Mandolin tablatures for House of the Rising Sun

The Animals

Recomended level: Intermediate

A Rock n' Roll classic! Most people associate this song with the band "The Animals" from the 1960's, but it's actually much older than that. This is a Folk Song though and through. Neither the origins of the melody or lyrics can be pinpointed. It's definitely been done a lot in both the rock and folk worlds. Here we have a few different versions that honor both and sound great on the mandolin.

If you aren't familiar with the Tremolo technique, you need to be. It's a quintessential mandolin sound and it's needed to play two of the arrangements for this song. Check out our learning path Tremolo 101 to get the basics down. After that come back here and check out the Tremolo arrangement. It stays close to the melody and in first position. The Double Stops arrangement also uses tremolo, but it adds in double stops, and moves up the neck some. The double stops here make some really cool chordal sounds, and there's some great licks available too.

If you are familiar with the rock n' roll recording by "The Animals", then you'll recognize the iconic guitar line we've adapted for the mandolin in the Arpeggio arrangement. This one sounds amazing and has some licks to give you even more variety.

  • Mandolin House of the Rising Sun Tremolo


    A simple representation of this classic Rock melody with added tremolo and some great licks.

    Mandolin House of the Rising Sun Tremolo
  • Mandolin House of the Rising Sun Double Stops

    Double Stops

    This arrangement flows nicely from the lower frets and up the neck. It uses double stops and tremolo to create a full, interesting, and compelling sound. The licks are a bit fancier ...

    Mandolin House of the Rising Sun Double Stops
  • Mandolin House of the Rising Sun Arpeggio


    This arrangement mimics the classic arpeggiated guitar line as heard in the classic recording by "The Animals". There's some great licks available in the switcher. Make sure to check...

    Mandolin House of the Rising Sun Arpeggio