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Hunting The Buffalo mandolin tabs

  • Tablatures



    Simply satisfying. Get acquainted with the lesser known fiddle tune.

  • Jam


    The Buffalo had it comin'. Pick it good Tunefoxer.

  • Bluegrass


    Up the neck, down the neck, whatever. It doesn't matter how you say it, and it sure don't matter where you play it. You're a frickin' pro. You got this, champ!


More about Hunting The Buffalo

Learn how to play the melody of Hunting The Buffalo with the beginner mandolin tab on Tunefox. From there you can work your way up to the intermediate and advanced arrangements, which feature an emphasis on technical playing while still holding true to that original melody.

There are a ton of tools in the Tunefox app that will help you learn Hunting The Buffalo tabs more efficiently and effectively. Use the tempo control slider to slow down the whole song, or isolate problematic measures. You can also activate the "Speed Up" tool to speed up isolated measures each time they loop. Use the "Memory Train" tool to hide more and more notes each time you play through the song.

Once you learn the main arrangement of Hunting The Buffalo, try switching out the licks in the song to learn about improvisation and creativity. You can do this by using the Tunefox Lick Switcher, which features hand-crafted licks built specifically for each tab. If you’re looking to spice up the entire arrangement of Hunting The Buffalo, click Shuffle Licks, which can be found in the bottom tool bar.

Need to work on jamming? Use the Tunefox backing tracks, which are included with each arrangement of Hunting The Buffalo. You can mix the volume of mandolin, full band, and metronome to whatever level you’d like.

Take Tunefox with you to your next jam by exporting to a PDF. This is a member’s only feature.