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Mandolin tablatures for I'll Fly Away

The Carter Family

Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #vocal song, #medium-tempo, #gospel music

I'll Fly Away by The Carter Family is a classic gospel hymn of hope, optimism and promises of a better life beyond death. This popular gospel vocal song provides a great opportunity for beginner mandolin players. I'll Fly Away has a medium tempo and captures the classic spirit of classic southern gospel music.

Start with the Melody! Whether you are a beginner or experienced player. Knowing the melody to a song, intrinsically, is crucial in Bluegrass and Old-Time music. Everything revolves around that. Check out a few of the licks to hear how melodies are typically embellished in the Bluegrass style. Use the focus feature to listen to and practice one lick repeatedly and it will help you up your game!

When you try out the Bluegrass arrangement, pay attention to pick direction markings in tab and use the focus feature if you need to. This arrangement plays over the verse melody, which is the section that most pickers base their solos off of and is what you would hear in a jam. So, if you are picking with other people, focus on this arrangement. Also, don't neglect your chord playing. If you plan on jamming with others you'll be playing backup and chords 80 to 90 percent of the time. Even if you can't do fancy Bill Monroe style bluegrass chops just strum along with a simple quarter note rhythm using basic chord shapes. Developing rhythmic skills and awareness as you progress is so important.

If you really love the chorus melody too, explore that and learn it. Have fun and enjoy it. Just know that in most jam situations you'll be playing over the verse like the Bluegrass and Melody arrangements.

  • Mandolin I'll Fly Away Melody


    This basic melody is a great place to start for beginners. It's also great intermediate and advanced players when learning to play at higher tempos. Lastly, there are some gr...

    Mandolin I'll Fly Away Melody
  • Mandolin I'll Fly Away Bluegrass


    A great standard version of I'll Fly Away with some nice licks!

    Mandolin I'll Fly Away Bluegrass
  • Mandolin I'll Fly Away Chorus


    Usually, pickers take their solo over the verse chords and melody, but it's also a lot of fun to play the chorus! Enjoy with this one and check out those licks.

    Mandolin I'll Fly Away Chorus