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Mandolin tablatures for In the Pines

Bill Monroe

Recomended level: Beginner

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"In the Pines" is a classic song in both the blues and bluegrass genres, with versions recorded by artists such as Bill Monroe and Lead Belly. This beginner-friendly song is perfect for learning fundamental mandolin techniques, and the included lesson and tablature make it easy to pick up. Pay homage to legends like Nirvana who have covered this timeless tune while mastering tremolo and other mandolin techniques. Get ready to strum your way through "In the Pines" on the mandolin!

  • Mandolin In the Pines Bluegrass


    This is a nice, and simple arrangement for, "In the Pines". There's also a wide variety of licks available in the switcher. Pay attention to the pick direction. All the patterns are ...

    Mandolin In the Pines Bluegrass