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Mandolin tablatures for Kentucky Waltz


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #waltz, #vocal song, #instrumental

Delve into the rich world of Bluegrass with our arrangement of the Kentucky Waltz for Mandolin. This waltz-styled vocal song is just perfect for intermediate players looking to step up their performance. The Kentucky Waltz encapsulates the heart of Bluegrass culture, all while letting you sway to its rhythmic waltz pace. Get ready to serenade audiences with this timeless classic.

If you are a Beginner, start with the Simple arrangement. This one just requires some alternate picking and a slight stretch of the 3rd finger to reach the sixth fret. If the alternate picking is too much for you then use the difficulty slider to adjust the song to fit your needs and skill level.

If you're an intermediate player check out the Jam arrangement. Some more nimble freehand movement is required for this one. The licks are a bit fancier too

Advanced and Intermediate players should both check out the Bluegrass arrangement. This one incorporates the tremolo technique to get that classic Bluegrass sound and the one that makes the mandolin so unique. If you aren't familiar with tremolo then check out our learning path for Tremolo 101. This one will help you learn how to use the tremolo and incorporate it into the classic tune "Wayfaring Stranger".

Plan on jamming with others? Then practice your backup! It is an absolutely essential skill. Kentucky Waltz has some unique chord changes that may be tough for you if you've only been playing 3 chord tunes. You can click on the chord symbols above the tablature to see how to form the different chords. To get some more help on backup, chord shapes and rhythms, check out our Roadmap for Rhythm Chops


  • Mandolin Kentucky Waltz Simple


    There's a waltz for Tennessee, so why not have one for Kentucky, too!

    Mandolin Kentucky Waltz Simple
  • Mandolin Kentucky Waltz Jam


    The intermediate solo for Kentucky Waltz gives you a great foundation for learning the advanced solo. Once you learn the melody for this one, switch out the licks to see different po...

    Mandolin Kentucky Waltz Jam
  • Mandolin Kentucky Waltz Bluegrass


    Here's a tasty arrangement of Kentucky Waltz.

    Mandolin Kentucky Waltz Bluegrass