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Nobody Loves Me mandolin tabs

  • Tablatures

    Monroe Style

    Bill Monroe

    Monroe! Lets get that tremolo motor running and those slides greased up, it's time to play some real mandolin. Watch out for the triplet in measure 7. You may need to isolate and loop the measure. Listen several times first, scatting the melody, then try and play it. Playing a quarter note triplet after playing the tremolo is tricky, but is one of the secret ingredients in Monroe mandolin. Also, notice the only time you are using up strokes is in the tremolo. On all other notes it's down-strokes! Even if they are 16th notes. Down-strokes on 16ths are only done at slower speeds, but down-strokes where many would use alternate picking is another key component to Monroe mandolin, and responsible for much of the flavor, flare, and power in his playing. Let's get to picking. Enjoy this one!

  • Bluegrass

    Bill Monroe

    Bluegrass Album band recorded this in the not so glorious key of Ab. If you are not used to close positions this is a challenge you should take on for you. It's good for you. This is like the brussell sprouts of bluegrass. Also, this baby SWINGS!

  • Simple

    Bill Monroe

    B is for beginner, but it's also beautiful. Let's take a sad song, play just the melody, and play it purdy y'all!


More about Nobody Loves Me

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