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Mandolin tablatures for O Come, All Ye Faithful


Recomended level: Beginner

"O Come, All Ye Faithful," adapted for the mandolin, is a unique blend of traditional carol and folk-infused hymn. Its beautiful melody resonates with the classic bluegrass vibes, making it a delightful experience for beginners and intermediates alike. This timeless piece brings an opportunity for mandolin enthusiasts not only to explore an enchanting festive hymn but also to refine their skills. A perfect song to add to your repertoire this holiday season.

Start with the Melody first. If you know the words, try and sing them as you play. Making this connection is very beneficial for your memory and musical development. Try a few licks to spice things up and add a few variations.

Next, check out the Bluegrass arrangement. If you learned the melody first, you'll be able to see and hear the extra notes that were added in around the melody to give this it's bluegrass flair. The arrangement is pretty basic, so if you want some flair added in then you better check out some of those hot licks!

  • Mandolin O Come, All Ye Faithful Melody


    This classic and simple melody is mostly in first position. Pay attention to the fret hand fingerings and pick direction markings.

    Mandolin O Come, All Ye Faithful Melody
  • Mandolin O Come, All Ye Faithful Bluegrass


    The classic hymn sounds great in the Bluegrass style! By adding in the Bum-Ditty rhythm to the original melody we can really liven this tune up. Make sure to pay close attention to t...

    Mandolin O Come, All Ye Faithful Bluegrass