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Mandolin tablatures for Ole Slew Foot

Jim and Jesse

Recomended level: Beginner

Dive into the vibrant world of bluegrass with "Ole Slew Foot" for Mandolin. Originating from the iconic Jim & Jesse, this arrangement presents players of all levels with a compelling melody to master. The piece wonderfully bridges traditional roots and a contemporary feel, making it an excellent addition for any mandolin player aiming to expand their repertoire. Perfect for lovers of melody and bluegrass tradition!

Start with the melody. Try and sing or speak the words as you play. This does wonders for your memory and musicality. Then try out a lick or two. The Bluegrass arrangement will give you some extra challenge.

  • Mandolin Ole Slew Foot Melody


    A basic melody for Ole Slew foot. This one is a bit simplified, but it's still all about "playing the syllables". So learning to sing or speak the words and syllables as you play is ...

    Mandolin Ole Slew Foot Melody
  • Mandolin Ole Slew Foot Bluegrass


    Simple, sweet and a whole lotta fun! Try out some licks to add some extra flair to this great tune. Try and practice your rhythm as well as your lead. Learning to switch between lead...

    Mandolin Ole Slew Foot Bluegrass