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Mandolin tablatures for Over the Rainbow


Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #melody, #ballad

"Over the Rainbow" for mandolin presents the timeless beauty of a classic melody specially arranged for late beginner players. This rendition unravels the enchanting tune in an accessible manner, allowing mandolin enthusiasts to delve into the rich harmony that graces one of music’s most cherished pieces. So why not give it a try and transport your listeners to somewhere over the rainbow? Perfect for enhancing your melodic skills and expanding your repertoire.

We have the melody available in two keys: G and C. It's really good to learn the same melody in two different keys to see how fretboard patterns change, especially when open strings are involved. You'll also notice some similarities and some things that don't change. Making those connections is great for your musical mind, and doing it enough can eventually lead to you being able to transpose melodies on your own.

  • Mandolin Over the Rainbow Melody


    This timeless melody sounds great on mandolin. If you notice, the band is moving double time to energize the slow and relaxed melody with that a basic bluegrass feel. There are a few...

    Mandolin Over the Rainbow Melody
  • Mandolin Over the Rainbow Melody - Key of C

    Melody - Key of C

    Learning the melody in two different keys is a great exercise for your eyes and ears. You'll see connections, similar patterns and differences in how the same melody sounds, looks, a...

    Mandolin Over the Rainbow Melody - Key of C