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Mandolin tablatures for Shady Grove


Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #old time, #instrumental, #vocal song, #folk music, #minor key

This is a bluegrass classic and a jam standard. Always start with the Melody. It's the heart of a song. If you learn to sing the words while playing it you'll be in great shape. It will help your memory and improve your musicality. Try out a few of the simple licks here, and use the difficulty and tempo sliders whenever you need to.

The Bluegrass arrangement isn't too tough on it's own. The licks are a bit more advanced though, and there's enough to create many different interpretations of this tune.

  • Mandolin Shady Grove Melody


    Start with the melody! Get that down and add in some licks to see how a tune is typically embellished. Use the difficulty slider on the song or tough measures if you need to. If you...

    Mandolin Shady Grove Melody
  • Mandolin Shady Grove Bluegrass


    This is a very simple Bluegrass version of Shady Grove with some great licks.

    Mandolin Shady Grove Bluegrass