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Mandolin tablatures for Sledd Ridin'

Osborne Brothers

Recomended level: Intermediate

"Sledd Ridin'" for Mandolin is a heart-racing musical journey filled with Bluegrass spirit. Ideal for Intermediate to Advanced players, this piece echoes the playful, fast-paced tones associated with the iconic Banjo playing of the Osborne Brothers. Sharpen your skill, unleash your passion and lose yourself in the melodic wilderness of Appalachia as you go "Sledd Ridin'" with your Mandolin.

This is a great instrumental written by Sonny Osborne and Dale Sledd. As you may know, Sonny was one half of the legendary bluegrass group The Osborne Brothers. He played banjo and sang baritone harmony to the high lead singing of his brother Bobby. Dale was one of the guitar players and vocalists for the Osborne Brothers for over a decade. While this tune is usually learned by banjo players, it works great on any instrument, and that includes the mandolin.

  • Mandolin Sledd Ridin' Bluegrass


    This banjo tune plays out beautifully on the mandolin. Notice those repeating measures and make sure to practice just one of them repeatedly to really nail down the timing. Pay atten...

    Mandolin Sledd Ridin' Bluegrass