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Mandolin tablatures for Tennessee Waltz


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #waltz, #vocal song, #slow

Experience the smooth rhythm of 'Tennessee Waltz for Mandolin,' an enticing vocal song that combines the grace of the waltz with traditional bluegrass. Crafted for intermediate players, this song is perfect for mastering techniques such as crosspicking and tremolo. Embrace the slow pace that allows each note to resonate, bringing the soulful sound of 'Tennessee Waltz' to life for everyone to enjoy.

If you know how this song goes then jump in with the Melody. This is almost always the best place to start. If you don't know how this song goes, you need to practice listening. Listen regularly to the Tunefox player at each practice session. Over time you will start to memorize how this song sounds. This is a hugely important part of learning a tune. Making a playlist with recordings you enjoy is also really important when learning a tune.

Start out with the Simple arrangement to get your footing. This one doesn't require much fret hand or pick hand movement, and with the aid of the difficulty slider you can strip the arrangement down to just down strokes and the core melody. If you want a bit more challenge and interest you can check out the Jam arrangement. This one requires a bit more alternate picking and fret hand movement, however can be simplified with the aid of the difficulty slider. Playing things slower can always make something easier to play as well. Remember to use the tempo slider to adjust a song to your needs.

If you are not used to alternate picking then check out our Flatpicking roadmap to learn how to add up and down strokes with your picking. You'll also learn a few scales and scale patterns. Going through the lessons in this roadmap will help you greatly in progressing your skill as a mandolin player. Learning new tunes will be much easier when your picking hand and scale command is under control.

The Bluegrass arrangement of this tune is really cool. It incorporates some tremolo to get a beautiful sound on this great tune. The licks here are a step up as well, so make sure to check those out.

Sometimes people sing and play tunes in different keys. It's very possible you might hear someone play this in D at a jam. In that case, we've got you covered. Check out the Bluegrass arrangement in the Key of D. It honors the melody, strips down well with the difficulty slider. The Crosspicking arrangement presents a beautiful interpretation of this tune that will work well in a group or as a solo piece. Both versions have a large amount of very cool licks to give you endless variations to explore.

  • Mandolin Tennessee Waltz Melody


    Use the difficulty slider to simplify this melody even more if it is challenging. Adjusting the tempo slider to a slower speed will help reduce the challenge as well. You should try ...

    Mandolin Tennessee Waltz Melody
  • Mandolin Tennessee Waltz Melody - Key of D

    Melody - Key of D

    This waltz is often played and sang in different keys. Learn this tune in D as well as C to get more familiar with the fretboard layout of the mandolin.

    Mandolin Tennessee Waltz Melody - Key of D
  • Mandolin Tennessee Waltz Bluegrass - Key of D

    Bluegrass - Key of D

    A country classic that is embedded within the world of Bluegrass

    Mandolin Tennessee Waltz Bluegrass - Key of D
  • Mandolin Tennessee Waltz Crosspicking - Key of D

    Crosspicking - Key of D

    This one sounds great solo. So if you are feelin' lonesome, this one's for you :)

    Mandolin Tennessee Waltz Crosspicking - Key of D