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Wild Bill Jones mandolin tabs

  • Tablatures

    Key of A


    The Blues is strong with this one. The pickup measure may seem tough, but it lies very comfortable under your fretting hand. The real challenge is picking clean, clear notes. The best way to play clean is to play slowly and smoothly. This helps you build up muscle memory and strength. Gradually increase your speed.

  • Key of B


    Not everybody plays the same song in the same key. As a mandolinist, you have a non-negotiable responsibility to learn to play out of different keys without capo. Yes capos exist for mandolin, but you are not likely to ever see one on stage at a bluegrass festival. Step your game up with this version of Wild Bill Jones.


More about Wild Bill Jones

Here you will find 3 different ways to play Wild Bill Jones on mandolin. The beginner Wild Bill Jones tab will show you how to play the basic melody line. Once you feel comfortable playing that then move on to learning the intermediate arrangement, which will teach you how to incorporate more 16th notes. Finally, the advanced Wild Bill Jones tab shows you how to really show your playing off with some flash bluegrass licks all based on the melody.

Need some practice help? Tunefox has several unique learning tools to keep your practice interesting and fun. Use the tempo slider to find the perfect tempo for you to practice at. When you’ve found it, test your speed with the “Speed Up” function, which will steadily increase the tempo each time the song or selected measures loop. When you’re ready to get off the tab, use Memory Train to increasingly hide notes each time Wild Bill Jones tab loops.

If you ever wondered how to play Wild Bill Jones on mandolin more creatively, try changing out the licks! Most of the measures can be changed into a different style, so you can gain an understanding of how other musicians may approach this tune. You can also shuffle all of the licks in the song to create a unique arrangement of the entire tab.

All 3 Wild Bill Jones mandolin tabs include backing tracks, so you can change the volume of a mandolin, band or metronome to suit your liking.

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