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Mandolin tablatures for Y'all Come

Arlie Duff

Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #mandolin, #pentatonic, #chromatic, #bluegrass

A great Bluegrass song

  • Mandolin Y'all Come Bluegrass


    This is a great Bluegrass song. It's a pretty standard melody and chord progression. The real fun is in the call and response section in the chorus. Check out those licks to add lear...

    Mandolin Y'all Come Bluegrass
  • Mandolin Y'all Come High Octave

    High Octave

    Learning the same tune in two octaves is good for many reasons. Seeing how finger patterns relate really helps you understand the fretboard. It also gives you a different sounding br...

    Mandolin Y'all Come High Octave