Dooley banjo tabs & chords

  • Melodic Style


    This melodic version of Dooley has lots of long strings of notes and is great for working on your melodic style flow. Practice slow with backing tracks to get it clean.

    • Key G
    • 120 bpm
    • Tuning gDGBD
    Play Melodic Style
  • Scruggs Style


    Dooley is a fantastic beginner/intermediate tune that helps teach the MTMT roll pattern. Also, there are some fast chord changes!

    • Key G
    • 120 bpm
    • Tuning gDGBD
    Play Scruggs Style
  • Backup Style


    This is a straightforward backup arrangement of Dooley that gives you lots to work with down-the-neck. Swap out licks for cool variation!

    • Key G
    • 120 bpm
    • Tuning gDGBD
    Play Backup Style

More about Dooley Banjo song

Learn 3 different versions of Dooley, which are all shown on this page. We recommend that you get started with the Scruggs style version, where you’ll learn basic roll pattern and left hand articulations like slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Next, move on to the Melodic arrangement to learn how to play the melody for Dooley using scales and up the next positions. Lastly, you can check out the Backup arrangement, which shows you how to play behind others while they are soloing.

In every Tunefox tablature arrangement you'll find measures where you can switch out licks to see different options to use for your improvisation. This feature is called the Lick Switcher. How do you find the Lick Switcher? Look for text that says "Original Measure" over different measures in the Dooley tab you are learning and click on that text. It'll open up the Lick Switcher where you can select a substitute measure for that spot in the song. You'll find that there are different styles of licks like Scruggs, Melodic, Bluesy, and more. Want to see a completely different version of this song? Click on "Shuffle Licks" on the bottom of tool panel to randomly shuffle the licks in the song.

Be sure to check out all of the great learning tools that Tunefox has to offer such as "Hide Notes", "Memory Train", and "Speed Up". These tools can be found in the "Tools" menu at the bottom right of your screen. Want to learn some of Dooley by ear? Use "Hide Notes" to hide some or all of the notes in the tablature. Once you’re finished learning with the tab use the "Memory Train" tool to commit the song to memory. Then practice with "Speed Up" to improve your technique and speed in no time.

Using backing tracks for practice should be an essential part of every musician’s routine. With Tunefox, you can practice Dooley as fast or as slow as you want and mix the volume of the tracks with the instrument to your liking. There’s also a metronome so you can always feel the pulse of the song with or without the band track playing along.

When you’ve finished creating your arrangement of Dooley, export your song arrangement to PDF file. This feature is for members of Tunefox, only.

Dooley lyrics

Dooley was a good ol' man he lived below the mill
Dooley had two daughters and a 40 gallon still
One gal watched the boiler the other watched the spout
Mama'd cork the bottles when ol' Dooley fetched them out

Dooley slippin' up the holler...Dooley tryin' to make a dollar
Dooley give me a swaller and I'll pay you back some day

The revenuers came for him slippin through the woods
Dooley kept behind them all and never lost his goods
Now Dooley was a trader when into town he'd come
Sugar by the bushel and molasses by the ton

I remember very well the day ol Dooley died
The women folk looked sorry and the men sat around and cried
Now Dooley's on the mountain he lies there all alone
They put a jug beside his head and a barrel for a stone