Scruggs Style

Fireball Mail as Picked by Earl

This arrangement is a transcription of an Earl Scruggs solo. It comes from his "Foggy Mountain Banjo" record. A transcription means we wrote down the notes Earl played, instead of making our own version. What are some of the differences from the simple arrangement to this one? Just look over the tab for a minute. Take some mental notes. These note choices, and embellishment choices, are what separates Earl from everyone else. The 2-5 slide on the D string with a forward roll, the bluesy 3-2 pull off on the G string, the 2-3 hammer on the B string...All these things are very much quintessential Scruggs style playing in regards to note/phrasing choice. These can easily be added in with, or in place of, a simple forward roll or something similar. We just have to see it done in the right context to know the right time and situation to add it in ourselves.

If you watch the video, you'll notice something peculiar about the last measure. There is a slide to the 3rd fret, a slight bend, and a slide back. Sounds cool right? Go slow. Maintain finger pressure while bending and sliding. This ensures the note rings clearly and as long as possible.

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