G Melodic Scale Pattern #1

A useful tool for learning songs and improvising

This scale pattern is not the most intuitive but once under your fingers it can be a great resource for learning tunes and improvising. Let's break it down a bit.

The first measure starts with an inside backwards roll. "Inside" refers to using your middle finger on one of the middle strings as opposed to the 1st string. Here you're starting the scale as if it was a plain old G major scale but when the third note rolls around you're playing it with your middle finger on the 2nd string.

This scale pattern is also known as the 1231 2342 pattern, which refers to the scale degrees. If you were to name the notes it would be GABG ABCA and so on. Before applying this to your instrument, listen to the tab a few times to get the sound of the pattern in your head. That will help you play it on your instrument.

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