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Creating Variations in the B section

A Fresh Take

Let’s take a look at a couple of the measures in the B section. The Bluegrass lick in Measure three is a very nice melodic variation. Instead of being a standard lick based on the chords, it retains much of the original melody notes and substitutes a few different ones for a sound that is familiar and refreshing. Make sure to prepare the ring finger before it is needed at the sixth fret on the D string. Next, let’s look at the Bluesy lick for measure three. It has several slides, and uses what’s known as bot the major and minor third(3rd and 4th fret notes on the A string) in the key of A. Blurring the line between major and minor is one of the most distinctive melodic movements in the blues. Make sure to maintain finger pressure as you slide from one note to the other.

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