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G Pentatonic

Simple but Effective

Check it out. It's the G pentatonic scale! Exciting right? There's so many note...OK, there's not a lot of notes, but it's all in how you use it ;) The pentatonic scale is used in so many genres to create beautiful lead riffs and melody. We are only learning this melody with downstrokes. Not going for speed just yet. First you need to memorize this scale! Try using the hide note feature as soon as possible. remember you can click on an individual note to hear it. A little trial and error will do you a lot of good for training your ear.

Make sure to really hold down your fret hand fingers so the scale notes sound smooth and connected. Also use a rest stroke with your pick hand to really bring out a strong and powerful tone. Move your pick downward toward the floor and have the pick come to rest on the string directly beneath it. If playing the small E string just move the pick with that same downward motion. Watch the video for examples of both of these techniques.

For the workout sections with sixteenth notes, be sure to play slowly and with the looper for each section. If you are getting muted notes, buzzing sounds, or just sounding sloppy, that means you are out of control. You have to develop that control by playing slow at a speed your mind and muscles can handle. DO IT! All exercises are centered around the G note, the root note of this pentatonic scale.

Next up, pentatonic scale with a twist! Stay tuned to see what happens next.