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Some Old Day - Introduction

An Intro in the Introduction

This intro is a simple turnaround(short chord progression) that gets the song started before the singer comes in on the first verse. For banjo we have a simple chord vamp, and a very standard up the neck lick. Remember, this lesson is an in depth study of "Some Old Day" as recorded by the Osborne brothers. Be sure to study the recording. This is done by listening to the recording repeatedly through the day and week. Take time to close your eyes and focus in on the instrument you are trying to learn-the banjo! Click the spotify link below to listen to the original recording. Add the song to a playlist. Listen to it daily.

Some Old Day - Spotify

There are a few things to be aware of here. In the recording, you hear mandolin play before the band comes in. Another thing to notice is the use of the thumb in the picking hand. It is very common to have a lot of thumb movement when playing this style of backup. Lastly, let's look at measure 2. Putting an extra two beats after an instrumental, before the singer comes in is very common in Bluegrass. Often the band will play for an extra measure, or in this case, an extra two beats. This is usually because the singer is taking their sweet old time to walk back to the microphone-Just kidding. It's because they usually give a moment for the instrumentalists to finish the last licks of their solos before they start singing. It gives a moment to get a breath and get in the zone as well.


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