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Angeline the Baker mandolin tabs

  • Tablatures



    A simple and understated melody that is a joy to jam on. This beginner arrangement of Angeline the Baker is just as fun as the intermediate or advanced versions!

  • Intermediate


    On occasion, you’ll hear the sections of this song swapped - the A section will become the B, and the B section the A. It all depends on who you’re playing with.

  • Advanced


    This arrangement of Angeline the Baker holds true to the original melody while also giving you a bunch of soloist-type variation. It’s a fun one!


More about Angeline the Baker

"Originally titled Angelina Baker, this Stephen Foster song was written and published in 1850 for the Christy Minstrels, who were a blackface group formed by Edwin Pearce Christy. It's since become a part of the old-time and bluegrass repertoire and is one of the most popular beginner songs to learn because of it's repetitive melody and simple form. The lyrics lament the loss of a salve woman who was sent away by her owner. John Lomax collected an instrumental version which was under the title "Angeline the Baker." This instrumental version helped popularize the tune in bluegrass circles.