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Mandolin tablatures for Squirrel Hunters


Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #old time, #instrumental, #medium-tempo, #bluesy

Squirrel Hunters for Mandolin is a perfect choice for beginner players looking to expand their repertoire with an old time, instrumental tune. With a catchy medium-tempo and bluesy feel, this song will have you tapping along and channeling your inner squirrel hunter in no time.

  • Mandolin Squirrel Hunters Simple


    This two-part song is now played in both bluegrass and old-time circles. Squirrel Hunters was popularized by John Hartford and if you haven't heard his version of it, go check it out...

    Mandolin Squirrel Hunters Simple
  • Mandolin Squirrel Hunters Jam


    This arrangement of the bluesy old-time tune Squirrel Hunters is straightforward and gives you an easy foundation for switching out some licks and making your own solo.

    Mandolin Squirrel Hunters Jam
  • Mandolin Squirrel Hunters Bluegrass


    What a fun tune! In this solo for Squirrel Hunters you'll learn how to play a burnin solo out of first position. Switch out the licks in Tunefox for even more variation!

    Mandolin Squirrel Hunters Bluegrass