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There Is A Time mandolin tabs

  • Tablatures


    The Dillards

    In this arrangement of There Is A Time, you’ll use D minor pentatonic notes to create a bluesier sound. To more easily learn this version, practice playing the D minor pentatonic scale out of open position.

  • Bluegrass

    The Dillards

    Now that you’ve learned the pentatonic scale, take a moment to learn the D dorian mode. This is really a C scale that starts on a D. There are no sharps or flats!


More about There Is A Time

The Tunefox Beginner tab is focusing on accenting the melody notes of the vocal line. Intermediate arrangement features more 16th note up and down strokes than the beginner version and Advanced version adds some tasty melodic flare.

Need some practice help? Tunefox has several unique learning tools to keep your practice interesting and fun. Use the tempo slider to find the perfect tempo for you to practice at. When you’ve found it, test your speed with the “Speed Up” function, which will steadily increase the tempo each time the song or selected measures loop. When you’re ready to get off the tab, use Memory Train to increasingly hide notes each time There Is A Time tab loops.

Get creative with this arrangement of There Is A Time by using the Tunefox Lick Switcher feature. This tool lets you decide what licks you’d like to learn in the song and helps you better understand improvisation and creativity within the chord changes of There Is A Time. Shuffle all of the licks in this tab to create an entirely new version of the song.

The backing tracks included in all tab versions of There Is A Time are a great tool for practicing the melody or improvisation. Go to Settings to change the volume levels of the mandolin, full band tracks, and metronome to suit your practice needs.

Members can also export all of their arrangements into PDF files.