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Mandolin tablatures for There Is A Time

The Dillards

Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #minor key, #vocal song, #medium-tempo

Dive into the soulful essence of "There Is A Time" by The Dillards. This tune sounds great on the Mandolin and is played at a medium-tempo that perfectly enlivens its minor key tones. A vocal song with deep roots in the American Bluegrass tradition, the tune offers the right balance of challenge and enjoyment for players. Embrace the captivating melodies of The Dillards and invoke your musical prowess with this classic rendition.

Start with the Melody This will get you used to playing and hearing the heart of this tune. All the variations and even chord changes are based around this. Try out a few licks. You can create totally new versions of the songs by swapping these in and out. It will also give you new perspective and prepare you the Bluegrass and Pentatonic arrangements. Learning the melody in the Key of B Minor is great for your understanding of the fretboard. Like the other arrangement, you can swap licks in and out to complete totally new versions of this tune. Very often if a woman sings this tune they do so in B minor, and most men sing it in D minor as that is the original key the Dillards sang it in.

After learning the Melody, check out the Pentatonic arrangement. This one focuses on use of the pentatonic scale. This 5 note scale is great for improvising and is easier to play than a full 7 note minor scale. Use the difficulty and tempo sliders to play this at a setting that matches your current skill level

Next up, check out the Bluegrass arrangement. This one uses the minor scale and typical, but beautiful, bluegrass style embellishments to really bring out the ancient tones in this wonderful tune. There's lots of really cool and compelling licks to check out here as well.

  • Mandolin There Is A Time Melody


    Learn the basic melody to there is a time. This follows the rhythm and pitch of the melody as you would sing it. Listening to the song enough to know the words and hum the melody wi...

    Mandolin There Is A Time Melody
  • Mandolin There Is A Time Bluegrass


    This arrangement is based on the vocal melody of the tune. Most great breaks should be, The melody is the heart and identity of a tune, and you should always learn the basic version...

    Mandolin There Is A Time Bluegrass
  • Mandolin There Is A Time Melody - Key of B Minor

    Melody - Key of B Minor

    If you know this song from, "The Andy Griffith Show" then you've heard Charlene Darling AKA Maggie Peterson sing it. Since the female voice is usually pitched higher than a male voi...

    Mandolin There Is A Time Melody - Key of B Minor
  • Mandolin There Is A Time Melody - Key of Bm - Low Octave

    Melody - Key of Bm - Low Octave

    Learning this melody in the lower octave will help you unlock new sounds and explore new possibilities. Compare it to how the melody is played in the tiger octave in Bm or even in D...

    Mandolin There Is A Time Melody - Key of Bm - Low Octave