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Mandolin tablatures for Turkey in the Straw


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #fiddle tune, #instrumental, #up-tempo

This is a classic fiddle tune, and is often heard at jams. We have several offerings of this tune, and surely something to suit everyone.

If you are a beginner and want to jump right in then check out the Simple arrangement. This one can get extra simple and easy if you use the difficulty slider to strip it down even further. At the easiest level it will web all downstrokes on fretted notes in the first position. The licks here aren't too tough, but sound great if you are looking to add some variety after nailing down the basic arrangement. When you up the difficulty level the left hand movement is still simple, but alternate picking is added in. If you aren't use to alternate picking on fiddle tunes, and playing the G major scale, then check out the roadmap for Flatpicking to get some guided instruction that will prepare you to play this song and others.

The Bluegrass arrangement is very similar to how an intermediate or advanced fiddle player might play this tune. There is a treasure trove of licks here. You'll be able to customize and create so many different arrangements with all that's available here. If you are looking to put the Blue into Bluegrass then check out the Monroe style arrangement to learn to pick this tune like the father of Bluegrass did. This one is a transcription of Bill Monroe's playing from a recorded duet he played with Doc Watson.

Wanna really step your game up? Then check out the Up the Neck arrangement. Again, the large number of licks will give you endless variations of this tune to create and play. The focus feature here will definitely be your friend and will help you really nail down all the tough measures.

  • Mandolin Turkey in the Straw Simple


    A nice simplified version of Turkey in the straw that retains the character of the melody while lessening the difficulty level of this often notey and challenging fiddle tune.

    Mandolin Turkey in the Straw Simple
  • Mandolin Turkey in the Straw Bluegrass


    This is how a seasoned fiddle player might interpret this tune. The licks are will add a great challenge for you.

    Mandolin Turkey in the Straw Bluegrass
  • Mandolin Turkey in the Straw Monroe Style

    Monroe Style

    The Father of Bluegrass. He played fast and fearless. He didn't often play note for note fiddle tunes but relied on his wild syncopation and rhythmic inventiveness to create int...

    Mandolin Turkey in the Straw Monroe Style
  • Mandolin Turkey in the Straw Up the Neck

    Up the Neck

    Turkey in the Straw - up the neck! If you are ready for a challenge this one will do it. It's a great workout for your pinky. Make sure to practice your G scales as well whenever yo...

    Mandolin Turkey in the Straw Up the Neck